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Issues and challenges in hypertension management today

Publication date: Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Issues and challenges in hypertension management today

Dr Chris Arden
GP, Chandlers Ford; GPSI Cardiology, Southampton

Most hypertensive patients fail to achieve their target blood pressure despite treatment. As a result, they have a significantly increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Primary care professionals can correct this situation, reducing morbidity and mortality through accurate blood pressure measurement and effective treatment, often with more than one drug. The availability of a new angiotensin receptor blocker, Azilsartan medoxomil, provides an important addition to the choice of available treatment.

This video offers primary care professionals a focussed review of high blood pressure, its measurement and modern treatment.

This sponsored video has been organised and funded by Takeda UK 

Prescribing Information for Edarbi®-(azilsartan medoxomil) can be seen here
Code: AZL121001d. Date of prep: December 2012

Category: Editorial
Edition: 2012

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