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Individualising patient care with the new NICE guideline

Publication date: Wednesday, 06 October 2010
Contributor(s): Bev Cox

In 2008, NICE published a comprehensive guideline on the management of type 2 diabetes which took a patient-centred approach to care and updated recommendations on the management of blood glucose, blood pressure, lipids, thrombosis, renal function and retinopathy. A number of new and emerging therapies for blood glucose management were not included at the time and the recent publication of NICE Clinical guideline 87 provides valuable recommendations on when and where these drugs should be used in the care pathway. They give more options for healthcare professionals and their patients with type 2 diabetes at a time of ongoing change in management of the condition.

Category: Editorial
Edition: Volume 2 Number 2 Jul-Aug-Sep 2009
Contributor(s): Bev Cox

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