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Need-to-know information from new clinical research in cardiovascular disease prevention

Publication date: Friday, 23 February 2018
Contributor(s): Sue Lyon

Stories in this Evidence in Practice include:

  • Health survey for England, 2016: The good and the bad news
  • Healthy lifestyle changes have a long-term benefit for type 2 diabetes prevention
  • Weight loss diets reduce the risk of premature death for people with obesity
  • Very low calorie diet can achieve a remission of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Dash diet plus sodium reduction lowers systolic blood pressure
  • Long-term follow-up underscores benefits of lowering LDL-C in CVD primary prevention
  • Blood pressure self-monitoring is more effective with professional support
  • AF and other chronic conditions = higher risk of death
  • Clinical trials underestimate the real-world impact of Atherosclerotic CVD
  • The burden of heart failure continues to rise in the UK
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Category: Evidence in Practice
Edition: Volume 10 Number 1 January 2018
Print edition page(s): S9-S13
Contributor(s): Sue Lyon

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