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Wednesday, 06 December 2017
A study suggests that high-risk patients are being under-prescribed statins whereas patients in low-risk categories are being overtreated. Researchers have shown that statins are usually prescribed without recording of the QRISK2 cardiovascular risk assessment score recommended by NICE. Even when a score is documented, the majority of high-risk patients do not receive statins
Friday, 30 June 2017
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Sunday, 12 March 2017
Low socioeconomic status is linked to significant reductions in life expectancy and should be considered a major risk factor for ill health and early death in national and global health policies, according to a new study of 1.7 million people.
Thursday, 27 October 2016
The benefits of statin therapy have been repeatedly underestimated, and the harms exaggerated, due to misinterpretation of the evidence, according to the authors of a major review published in The Lancet recently.
Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Professor Cliff Bailey and Dr Martin Hadley-Brown discuss the effects of SGLT2 inhibitors on cardiovascular function and their role in the management of CV disease.
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Wednesday, 07 June 2017
Over recent years there has been growing attention on cardiovascular disease prevention through improved detection and management of the high risk conditions such as atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol in different parts of the country. Dr Matt Kearney, National Clinical Director for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention describes a number of encouraging national developments.
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017
Positive evidence for the benefits of the NHS Health Check has been published in the first report from the NHS Health Check Expert Scientific and Clinical Advisory Panel.
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Monday, 12 September 2016
The European Atherosclerosis Society has conducted a survey to assess the general public’s understanding of cholesterol. Professor Mike Kirby summarizes the survey findings and highlights the importance of a clear and constant focus on the JBS3 2014 consensus recommendations.
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Monday, 17 July 2017
A new study has announced the new QRISK3 cardiovascular disease risk prediction algorithm. The calculator is used to work out the risk of developing a heart attack or stroke over the next 10 years. The risk calculator is designed for use in the UK.
Wednesday, 12 December 2018
Vitamin D levels in the blood are linked to cardiorespiratory fitness, according to a new study from the USA. Participants in the top quartile of vitamin D had a 4.3-fold higher cardiorespiratory fitness than those in the bottom quartile.

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