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New mobile App empowers people with diabetes

New mobile App empowers people with diabetes

Publication date: Friday, 06 October 2017
Contributor(s): Jeremy Bray

The new OneTouch Reveal® mobile app is now available in the UK and Ireland. It includes innovative features including blood sugar and activity timelines transformed into quick visual snapshots which allow people with diabetes to see their results, identify trends and get on with their daily life.


The app has been designed to help patient engagement. It has an easy to use interface that changes the way patients see their blood sugar and manage their diabetes. In addition to the timeline and visual logbook, new features include a fingerprint login, an events newsfeed featuring relevant articles, a reminder function, averages for 14-, 30-, or 90- day time periods, and a break out of pre- and post-meal tagged results. The app also uses ColorSure™ technology, which highlights patterns that show users a bigger picture.


Dr Iain Cranston, Consultant Physician at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust said, “It is important that people with diabetes who test their blood sugar levels regularly are able to utilise the information from such tests to adjust therapies which may help with better overall control. Modern meters and apps (such as OneTouch Reveal®) which allow patients to easily assess patterns are thus an important part of this progressive process of improvement.”

With more than 312,000 total downloads and 34 million plus blood glucose readings, the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app is one of the top downloaded diabetes apps globally. In a clinical study, eight out of 10 people who had used the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app agreed that it helped them to better manage their blood glucose.


More information

  • The OneTouch Reveal® mobile app is available as a free download for Apple® devices via the App Store® and Android™ devices on Google Play™
  • For more information visit their website
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