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Flash glucose monitoring now recommended by NICE

Flash glucose monitoring now recommended by NICE

Publication date: Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Contributor(s): Jeremy Bray

NICE is now recommending a flash glucose monitoring system (FreeStyle Libre) which measures interstitial fluid glucose levels in people with diabetes.

A sensor is applied to the skin and glucose levels can be measured by scanning the sensor with a portable reader as often as required. The system provides a useful alternative to finger prick blood glucose testing. The sensor is worn for 14 days and then replaced.

In the NICE briefing summary it is noted that the resource impact of using the new technology is uncertain, and depends upon the extent to which improved glucose control through the adoption of the new system translates into fewer complications, reduced emergency admissions and less use of glucose test strips. People will still require finger prick blood glucose test results if they planning to change their therapy or require DVLA assessment for fitness to drive.

Chris Askew, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK said: “Flash glucose monitoring can free people living with diabetes from the pain and rigour of frequent finger-prick testing, and puts them in greater control of their condition. In doing so, it has the potential to help prevent a host of devastating long-term complications. The challenge now will be that everyone who could benefit from this technology is able to access it where they live.”

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