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Sunday, 12 March 2017
Atrial fibrillation patients with insulin-requiring diabetes are at greater risk of suffering a stroke or systemic embolism than those with non-insulin requiring diabetes, or no diabetes at all. While diabetes is a known risk factor for thromboembolic events, this finding sheds new light on the role of insulin in the clinical setting.
Thursday, 18 April 2019
Obesity is estimated to be responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year, reducing lifespan by an average of nine years. The links between obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are well documented, but overweight and obesity also causes 6% of cancers in the UK. These figures have resulted in warnings that obesity is the new smoking when it comes to risks to health and longevity. So the problem is clear. The challenge is to put into action what works.
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Saturday, 09 September 2017
Women with early or normal onset menopause are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes (T2D) than those with late onset menopause, according to new research.
Wednesday, 12 December 2018
A recent summary of Cochrane reviews shows that lifestyle changes (including as a minimum: healthy eating, physical activity and self-monitoring of blood sugar levels) are the only intervention with enough evidence to show possible health improvements for women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and their babies.
Wednesday, 13 December 2017
NICE is now recommending a flash glucose monitoring system (FreeStyle Libre) which measures interstitial fluid glucose levels in people with diabetes.
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Friday, 19 May 2017
New research from a large national database shows an increased risk of adverse outcomes in babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes when compared with non-diabetic mothers. The database of all 797,346 deliveries in France in 2012 included 57,629 (7.24%) mothers with gestational diabetes. There was an increased risk of a number of complications for mothers with gestational diabetes compared with non-diabetic mothers.
Wednesday, 07 November 2018
Treating periodontitis (gum disease) could help people with type 2 diabetes manage their blood glucose levels and may reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications, according to a new study published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology.
Thursday, 28 April 2016
Dr David Haslam, chair of the UK’s National Obesity Forum, provides a useful review of SGLT-2 inhibitors and their ability to lower glucose level, body weight and blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes.
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Thursday, 08 September 2016
A Scottish study shows that the overall incidence of type 2 diabetes has stabilised over the past 12 years while mortality has declined. The study authors suggest that the increasing prevalence of the disease, from 3.2% in 2004 to 5.1% in 2013 is due to longer survival of patients and not increasing numbers.

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