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Tuesday, 13 October 2020
The second of 3 interactive programmes providing practical answers about the use of insulin. Nicola Milne and Su Down take a look at how we can make the most of insulin - How to initiate and how and when to titrate?
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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
The last of our 3 interactive programmes providing practical answers about the use of insulin. Jane Diggle and Su Down discuss the main dangers associated with insulin how we can ensure its safe use within primary care.
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017
The latest review of diabetes foot care in England and Wales shows significant room for improvement. The National Diabetes Foot Care Audit (NDFA) 2014-2016 found that less than half of diabetes services in England and Wales have the recommended NICE care structures in place. In addition, 40% of ulcer episodes referred by a health professional only had an expert assessment after 2 or more weeks.
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Friday, 15 September 2017
The number of children being diagnosed with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is rising, but new cases of type 2 diabetes, has risen five-fold in about five years. New analysis suggests that type 2 diabetes now accounts for up to a third of diabetes diagnoses in children.
Thursday, 02 June 2016
Professor Mike Kirby highlights the key updates in the new NICE guidelines on the management of type 2 diabetes in adults and how these impact your practice. The updated guideline focuses on an individualised approach to patient care with recommendations on patient education, dietary advice, managing cardiovascular risk, managing blood glucose levels, and identifying and managing long-term complications.
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Tuesday, 07 July 2020
Watch our new, free, bite-sized COVID-19 Need to Know webinars for primary healthcare professionals. Created to support HCPs during these unprecedented times, giving much needed guidance around how to manage high-risk patients. Watch the webinar and take a look at the factsheet for our latest webinar today.
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Thursday, 16 August 2018
A new study shows that medicines effective in treating type 2 diabetes in adults do not slow disease progression in young people. The researchers commented that this is a disturbing finding as type 2 diabetes among young is a growing problem.
Monday, 19 March 2018
New research shows that the earlier a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the higher their risk of death from heart disease and stroke. In almost all countries of the world, diabetes rates are increasing substantially in younger adults, aged 20-45 years. This increase means there is a steadily growing pool of diabetes patients who are exposed to diabetes for a longer period in their lives.

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