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The increasing challenge of heart failure: improving outcomes

Publication date: Friday, 30 October 2015

GPs and practice nurses face many challenges when diagnosing and managing heart failure. This comprehensive supplement reviews all aspects of chronic and acute HF, from epidemiology, through diagnosis, lifestyle interventions, pharmacological and device therapies to implementation of current guidelines.

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Sponsorship information:
Novartis has fully funded this supplement and reviewed the content for compliance and data verification. Final editorial control rests with the authors.
Topics covered:
Category: Supplements
Edition: Volume 8 Number 1Oct-Nov-Dec2015


The outlook is bleak for patients with untreated or suboptimally treated heart failure (HF). Conversely, optimising management (HF) improves patient survival and reduces hospital admissions. However, standards of care continue to vary, and many HF patients are still not receiving…

Heart failure (HF) is an important cause of morbidity, mortality and misery for patients. However, there are many ways to improve and extend the lives of people with HF, if clinicians are familiar with and apply the numerous traditional, less…

Heart failure (HF) is a complex clinical syndrome, characterised by symptoms including breathlessness, fatigue, reduced exercise tolerance and fluid retention. Signs and symptoms may be non-specific or difficult to elicit, and some primary healthcare professionals continue to lack confidence in…

Heart failure (HF) was singled out as an emerging epidemic in 1997. Since then, rates have continued to rise and it remains a major public health problem with a prevalence ofmore than 23 million worldwide. HF is associated with significant…

Despite advances in management, heart failure (HF) remains a deadly clinical syndrome, with a five-year survival of 58% compared with 93% in the matched general UK population. In this comprehensive supplement, my colleagues provide excellent reviews of all aspects of…

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