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STARS (Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures)

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Fainting or syncope can affect people of all ages and 1 in 2 people will faint at some point in their life. Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness that occurs when there is a sudden lack of blood supply to the brain but in many cases fainting is the only sign of an abnormal heart rhythm which is the leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest – a devastating condition that kills more than 100,000 people every year in the UK yet goes undiagnosed.

STARS (Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures) is a UK charity providing personalised support and advice on these life-changing and sometimes debilitating conditions.  We provide support to patients, care-givers and medical professionals via our dedicated helpline and information resources, approved by top medical experts offering detailed information on all aspects of living with a syncopal condition.  STARS is the only charity in the UK, providing personalised help and advice with over 25 years’ experience in these conditions, backed by leading experts in the field.

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